Downtown Lakeville

The vision for Lakeville begins with a single statement: Downtown is a unique, identifiable, and thriving business district. Within this vision statement are a set of fundamental objectives that seek to achieve this outcome. The objectives are contained in the Downtown Development Guide.

2006 Downtown Planning Project

The Downtown Development Guide was approved by the Lakeville City Council on December 18, 2006.

This project was identified as a goal in the City's 2005-2007 Strategic Plan for Economic Development under: Facilitate an effort to create a long-term plan to promote downtown economic viability while retaining its unique and historical characteristics.

The Guide includes recommended annual action items to aid in its implementation. The recommended action items for 2007 can be found in the Downtown Development Guide within "Chapter 4: Implementation" and on the last page of the Executive Summary under "Annual Downtown Action Plan."

Downtown Development Guide

The Downtown Lakeville Business Association is committed to the improvement and preservation of the historic downtown area. The business community is actively involved in preserving historic buildings and blending new construction with historic character. The Downtown Lakeville Business Association has adopted design guidelines to reflect and enhance the historical character of the original downtown district.