"The Nerd"

Expressions Community Theater

An aspiring young architect in Terre Haute, Indiana, Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick Steadman, a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life after he was seriously wounded in Vietnam. Willum wrote a letter to Rick saying, “As long as I’m
alive, you will have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you.” So, Willum is of course delighted when Rick shows up unexpectedly at his apartment on the night of his 34th birthday party. But his delight soon fades as it becomes apparent that Rick is a hopeless “nerd”—a bumbling oaf
with no social sense, little intelligence, and less tact. And Rick stays on and
on, his continued presence among Willum and his friends leading to one uproarious incident after another, until the normally placid Willum finds himself contemplating violence—a dire development which, happily, is staved off by a surprising twist.

Event Information

  • August 2-3, 8-10, 2019 – 7 p.m.
    August 4 & 11, 2019 – 2 p.m.
  • Tickets: $13
  • Purchase tickets online, or by calling 952-985-4640