Miscellaneous Roadway Repairs

Citywide roadway, trails, sidewalk and storm sewer repairs will be completed in the spring and summer of 2018. The roadway patching/overlays, curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement, trail paving and minor storm sewer maintenance is designed to maintain the overall condition and maximize the service life of the public assets at the best overall cost. Impacted residents and business owners will receive door hangers and visits from the contractor and City Construction Representative prior to work being done adjacent to their property. The project includes improvements in the following areas:

Mill and Overlay and Street Improvements

Scheduled to be completed during the month of May:
  • Howland Avenue between 207th and 209th Streets
  • 207th Street between Holyoke and Holiday Avenues
  • 170th Court west of 170th Street
  • Jannevar Court east of Jaguar Path
  • Innsbrook Drive between Iredale Path and Ipava Avenue
  • Hartford Way – Concrete curb and gutter is being removed and replaced between Hampton Avenue and Helena Lane. These improvements do not include roadway paving, however most driveway aprons between the curb and gutter and sidewalk will be replaced.

Trail Improvements 

  • King Park trails – scheduled to be completed in June
  • Juno Trail north of 205th Street – scheduled to be completed in mid-July after Pan-O-Prog 
  • Dodd Trail Park pedestrian underpass at Dodd Boulevard – work includes cleaning out the tunnel and paving the bottom to improve drainage, scheduled to be completed in June

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