Apply to Serve on the Lakeville Arenas Board

The Lakeville Arenas Board is seeking a community at-large member to serve on the Arenas Board. This board will provide direction to the Arenas Manager regarding overall operation of the arena complex. This will include fees and rental rates, approving ice rental schedules subject to the adopted ice allocation policy, and approving the rules and regulations of the arena complex.

One community at-large member will be appointed to serve on the board, which is also comprised of two representatives each from the City of Lakeville and ISD 194. Preferred candidates for the community at-large will not be on the governing boards of the City of Lakeville or ISD 194. The member from the community at-large will be appointed for a term of three years, with no term limits.

To be considered for this appointment, volunteers must submit an application and participate in an interview process. For more information, contact Lakeville Arenas Manager Shayne Ratcliff by email or by phone at 952-985-2181.

Application deadline is Friday, June 1, 2018.

Lakeville Arenas Board Full Description

The Lakeville Arenas Board shall consist of the following:

 Representative  Appointed by  Number
 City of Lakeville  City of Lakeville  2
 ISD 194  ISD 194  2
 Community At-Large  Arenas Board  1

Board Makeup
The Board shall consist of five (5) regular members and two (2) alternate members. The City shall appoint two (2) members, one of whom must be a City Council member, and one alternate member. The District shall appoint two (2) members, one of whom must be a School Board member, and one alternate member. The fifth regular member, who will be from the community at large, shall be selected by the other four regular members.

Members and alternate members shall serve at the pleasure of the party making the appointment, except that the fifth member selected by the Board shall serve a three-year term. Alternate members may only act in the absence of a regular member for whom they are an alternate.

Board Duties
The general duties of the board shall include without limitation the following:

  1. The Board shall meet monthly on a date established by the Lakeville Arenas Board. The Board shall have the following officers: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. A majority of Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Board shall act by majority vote.
  2. The Board shall approve an annual budget on a calendar year basis. The budget shall set forth projected expenditures and revenue necessary to make Arena Complex lease payments, fund the capital maintenance reserve, and to maintain, operate, and manage the Arena Complex.
  3. The Board shall provide guidance and direction to the Arenas Manager regarding the administration and overall operation of the Arena Complex.