Recreational Fire Rules (Ordinance)

Recreational fires are allowed in the City of Lakeville when the following regulations are followed (City Ordinance):
  • Recreational Fire Definition: A fire, no more than three feet (3') in diameter, completely surrounded by non-combustible and non-smoke or odor-producing material, either natural rock, cement, brick, tile, blocks, or ferrous metal. Burning barrels are not a recreational fire site. Recreational fire sites shall not be located closer than twenty-five feet (25') to any structure or combustible material.
  • A recreational fire is not permitted when a burning ban or air quality alert is in effect.
  • The recreational fire site shall have appropriate communication and fire suppression equipment available.
  • The recreational fire shall be attended to at all times by an adult. No fire may ever be allowed to smolder.
  • The recreational fire must be a minimum of ten feet (10') from property lines.
  • A recreational fire is not allowed if winds exceed fifteen (15) miles per hour.
  • Smoke from a recreational fire may not unreasonably impact neighboring property owners.
  • All fires are subject to discontinuance by the Fire or Police Department.
Please be mindful that high winds and/or dry conditions require extra attention and safety for even the smallest fire. If in doubt, put it out.

These regulations and more information can be found in the Lakeville City Code. Citations could be issued for non-compliance.