Standard Specifications & Detail Plates

Below are the City of Lakeville's utility and street construction standard specifications and detail plates. For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 952-985-4500.

Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewer Plate Number
Standard Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-SS-1 (PDF)
Inside Drop Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-SS-2 (PDF)
Outside Drop Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-SS-3 (PDF)
Slab-Top Manhole LV-SS-4 (PDF)
Air Release Manhole (Forcemain) LV-SS-5 (PDF)
Typical House Service (4" or 6" Diameter Service) LV-SS-6 (PDF)
Service Riser (Deep Lines) (4" or 6" Service) LV-SS-7 (PDF)
Service Riser (Large Diameter Pipe) (4" or 6" Service) LV-SS-8 (PDF)
Clean-Out Detail LV-SS-9 (PDF)
Sanitary Sewer Manhole with Inside Service Drop LV-SS-10 (PDF)
Non-Grinder Lift Station (Cross-Section View) LV-SS-11A (PDF)
Non-Grinder Lift Station (Cross-Section Notes) LV-SS-11B (PDF)
Non-Grinder Lift Station (Plan View) LV-SS-12A (PDF)
Non-Grinder Lift Station (Plan View Notes) LV-SS-12B (PDF)
Grinder Lift Station LV-SS-13A (PDF)
Grinder Lift Station (Notes) LV-SS-13B (PDF)
Standard Lift Station Details LV-SS-14A (PDF)
Standard Lift Station Details LV-SS-14B (PDF)
Lift Station Electrical Details LV-SS-15A (PDF)
Lift Station Electrical Details LV-SS-15B (PDF)

Watermain Plate Number
Typical Water Layout LV-WM-1 (PDF)
Typical Water Service Connection LV-WM-2 (PDF)
Pacer Model WB 67-250 Hydrant LV-WM-3 (PDF)
Typical Hydrant Lead Detail LV-WM-4 (PDF)
Standard Air Release Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-WM-5 (PDF)
Thrust Blocking Detail LV-WM-6 (PDF)
Typical Watermain Lowering LV-WM-7 (PDF)
Installation of Irrigation System LV-WM-8 (PDF)

Storm Sewer Plate Number
Shallow Catch Basin (Precast Concrete) (24" x 36" Square) LV-STM-1 (PDF)
Catch Basin with Bottom Slab LV-STM-1A (PDF)
Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-STM-2 (PDF)
Street D412 Curb Transition at Catch Basins LV-STM-3 (PDF)
Large Diameter Manhole (Deep Lines) LV-STM-4 (PDF)
Slab-Top Manhole (48" Inside Diameter) LV-STM-5 (PDF)
Trash Guard for Apron LV-STM-6 (PDF)
Hand Place Rip Rap LV-STM-7 (PDF)
Piling and Concrete End Section LV-STM-8 (PDF)
Underdrain Detail LV-STM-9 (PDF)
Street Crossing Underdrain Detail LV-STM-9A (PDF)
Draintile Cleanout LV-STM-10 (PDF)
Typical Draintile Service Connections LV-STM-11 (PDF)
Erosion Control Details LV-STM-12 (PDF)
Concrete Pipe L.R. Bends LV-STM-13 (PDF)
Perforated Concrete Pipe LV-STM-14 (PDF)
Precast 48" Diameter Cap Skinner LV-STM-15 (PDF)
Alternate Skimmer Structure LV-STM-15A (PDF)
Sump Manhole or Catch Basin LV-STM-16 (PDF)
Catch Basin Round 27" Diameter LV-STM-17 (PDF)
Silt Fence LV-STM-18 (PDF)
Erosion Control Blanket Installation LV-STM-19 (PDF)
Bioroll Ditch Check Temporary Sediment Control LV-STM-20 (PDF)
Bioroll Blanket System Ditch Check LV-STM-21 (PDF)
Temporary Down Drain on Fill Slope LV-STM-22 (PDF)
Flotation Silt Curtain Work Area and Still Water LV-STM-23 (PDF)
Rock Weeper and Rock Check Ditch Checks LV-STM-24 (PDF)
Ditch Check Spacing LV-STM-25 (PDF)
Bio-Filtration Basin LV-STM-26 (PDF)
Under-Drain Valve and Valve Box LV-STM-28 (PDF)
Vented Cleanout Assembly LV-STM-29 (PDF)
Infiltration Facility Cross-Section LV-STM-30 (PDF)

Streets & Miscellaneous Plate Number
Integral Driveway Apron with B618 Curb (SF Residential) LV-ST-1 (PDF)
Standard Curb D412 and B618 LV-ST-2 (PDF)
Integral Driveway Apron with D412 Curb (SF Residential) LV-ST-3 (PDF)
Integral Driveway Apron (Commercial/Industrial) and Private Streets LV-ST-4 (PDF)
Typical Mailbox Installation LV-ST-5 (PDF)
Plastic Manhole Step LV-ST-6 (PDF)
Typical Standard Castings LV-ST-7 (PDF)
Typical Residential Street Section LV-ST-8 (PDF)
Conservation Easement Post Detail LV-ST-9 (PDF)
Bituminous Trail Typical Sections LV-ST-10 (PDF)
Public Utility Coordinate Requirements LV-ST-11 (PDF)
Rock Construction Entrance LV-ST-12 (PDF)
By-Pass and Turn Lane Typical Layout LV-ST-13 (PDF)
Step Joint and Bituminous Edge Mill LV-ST-14 (PDF)
Concrete Walk Typical Sections LV-ST-15 (PDF)
Street Name Sign Post Detail LV-ST-16 (PDF)

MnDOT Standard Plates Plate Number
Reinforced Concrete Pipe 3000K (PDF)
Gasket Joint for Reinforced Concrete Pipe 3006F (PDF)
Concrete Apron for Reinforced Concrete Pipe 3100G (PDF)
Concrete Apron for Reinforced Concrete Pipe - Arch 3110G (PDF)
Concrete Pipe Ties 3145E (PDF)
Concrete Short Cone and Adjusting Ring 4010G (PDF)
Manhole or Catch Basin 4020E (PDF)
Reinforced Concrete Surge Basin 5200B (PDF)
Pedestrian Curb Ramp 7036F (PDF)
Concrete Curb and Gutters 7100F (PDF)
Concrete Curb and Gutter 7102H (PDF)
Concrete Approach Nose Detail 7113A (PDF)
Standard Barricades 8000I1 (PDF)
Breakaway Barricades 8000I2 (PDF)
Permanent Barricade 8002F (PDF)

Drainage Manual Figure Number
Classes of Bedding and Imperfect Trench for Embankment Conditions A5-294.342 (PDF)
Classes of Bedding for Trench Conditions B5-294-342 (PDF)