Wall of Honor Brick Program

Honor a veteran with a beautiful stone brick with your inscription that will be placed on the Wall of Honor in the vestibule of the Yellow Ribbon veterans' area of the Lakeville Heritage Center.

Two options are available:
  • 3 1/8 by 8 7/8 inches - $40: This brick is designed for those who wish to honor a specific veteran or have a message for veterans. The bricks will include three lines of text, 16 characters or less each (including spaces and punctuation) which will be engraved in brown on cream colored stone brick. A color logo designating the branch of service of the veteran will also be direct printed on the brick. If the brick carries a message to veterans in general, a Yellow Ribbon logo will be used.
  • 8 7/8 by 8 7/8 inches - $80: This larger square brick is designed for organizations that wish to honor veterans. This brick will be a medium brown stone with white engraving. There is room for two lines of 16 or less characters plus a 5" to 6" logo. The logo can be can be directly printed on the brick for no additional cost, or engraved, for a fee based on the logo intricacy.
For more information, call us at 952-985-4685.