Land Use / MUSA

Lakeville is over 38 square miles in area. With a current population of 72,812 (2021 US Census Bureau estimate), our City is expected to grow to 83,500 by the year 2040. In order to ensure that this expected growth is well managed, the City follows an established Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

A city’s comprehensive land use plan provides a guide for how the community will grow and mature in the next 20 years. The Metropolitan Land Planning Act, a Minnesota state law since 1976, requires local governments in the seven-county Twin Cities area to develop land use plans for their communities. The plan is updated every 10 years to reflect changing conditions.

Lakeville’s Comprehensive Plan update occurred in 2017-2019 and analyzed all land use pieces to create a guide for future decisions on:

  • Residential growth
  • Commercial development
  • Office/industrial development
  • Infrastructure — roads, sewer, water
  • Parks and open space

Note: The PDF files below are very large and will take extra time to download. The documents and maps are also available for viewing at City Hall.

Helpful Documents

Separate elements of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan can be found on the following pages of this site:


  • Transportation Plan
  • Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan
  • Comprehensive Water System Plan
  • Water and Natural Resources Management Plan

Parks & Recreation

  • Parks, Trails & Open Space Plan


The Metropolitan Council oversees regional growth and development. In 1996, the Council established a Metropolitan Regional Blueprint, which serves as the framework for development for the Twin Cities seven-county area. Only land designated by the Metropolitan Council as being within the Metropolitan Urban Service Area (MUSA) can receive City sewer service.

Lakeville has adopted staged growth areas, which are identified on the MUSA map as expansion areas. This allows extension of sanitary sewer in approximately 10 year intervals in order to manage growth within the City.

Helpful Documents

Areas outside the MUSA need individual septic and well systems.