EAB Signs and Symptoms

  • Woodpecker activity: Woodpeckers fleck off outer darker bark to reveal lighter bark beneath and create dime-sized holes while looking for larvae. This is also referred to as “blonding.”
  • Bark splits: Larvae tunneling under the bark cause it to split open on branches and trunks.
  • Crown dieback: The larvae disrupt the flow of water and nutrients causing branches to die.
  • Suckering shoots: Ash trees can send out shoots when stressed from an EAB infestation.

By the time signs and symptoms of EAB are noticeable on ash trees, the larvae have damaged the tree so much so that treatment becomes less effective or is often no longer a viable option for managing the pest.

If you are seeing symptoms and would like to request an inspection of your ash tree, contact the City Forester at 952-985-2724.

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