What work is proposed?

Proposed work includes street reconstruction and storm sewer improvements, which includes spot curb and gutter replacement and utility repairs. Corrosion protection is proposed on the watermain facilities throughout the project. Download the project location map (PDF), which details the limits of the project.

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1. How was this project initiated?
2. What work is proposed?
3. When will this project occur?
4. How much will this project cost me?
5. Will I always have access to my driveway?
6. Where will I be able to pick up my mail?
7. How will garbage service be affected?
8. Will the contractor work in front of my house on weekends?
9. Will the areas of my lawn that are disturbed be replaced?
10. How are landscaping features and lawn irrigation systems dealt with during construction?
11. How will my boulevard trees be affected by construction?