What happens when a tree is infested with emerald ash borer (EAB) , or diseased with oak wilt and/or Dutch elm disease and is marked for removal?

Public property: City Forestry staff monitor and survey the entire City for infested ash, oak and elm trees on public and private property throughout the year. We also take inspection requests from residents who notice a dying tree. Infested ash trees on City property are marked and issued to one of several work crews or a contractor, who must follow the same removal guidelines and timelines as private property owners. Sites are rechecked for compliance after the removal is complete. 

Private property: City Forestry staff will contact the property owner by mail or front door hanger to request access to the yard via a right of entry form in order to inspect and confirm the trees are infested/diseased. 

  • Once infested, an ash tree showing signs of EAB such as larval galleries and/or significant woodpecker activity will be marked with an orange painted ring on the diameter of the infested tree.
  • A door hanger will be left onsite and an official letter with supplemental resources will be mailed to the property owner. 
  • The property owner will be required to remove the tree according to the City’s removal requirements, usually within 30 days of receiving the official notification letter. Forestry staff recheck infested trees for proper removal 30 days after the official letter was sent. 

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