What constitutes a tree diseased with oak wilt or Dutch elm disease?

An oak or elm with one of these diseases show signs in June-September during leaf-on conditions. The fungal pathogen is spread by shared root systems between “like” species of trees and by a beetle. The tree reacts to the fungus and tries to limit its spread by blocking up the water-conducting tissues, The first symptom often looks like drought injury and is usually “flagging” of one or more branches in the upper part of the canopy. Flagging looks like yellow or brown curling leaves moving from the branch tips down toward the main stem. The leaves may also start curling with a dark water-stained olive-green color. As the disease progresses, leaves drop. It is easy to peel back the bark on diseased branches to reveal staining on the living tissue, adding another positive identification to the presence of the fungus.

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