Why did you remove my open house/garage sale sign?
Often the signs are obstructing site lines, and therefore they are in the right-of-way. Residents or businesses who place signs at busy intersections within public right-of-ways or on utility poles to advertise or provide directions to garage sales, homes for sale, rental properties, businesses, sales, or other similar goods and services are in violation of the Lakeville Sign Ordinance.

The sign ordinance prohibits the display of advertising signs, which are defined as signs used to advertise products, goods, or services not related to the premises on which the sign is located. These signs can be an eyesore, a sign of blight, a distraction to motorists and pedestrians at busy intersections, and can also interfere with street and park maintenance crews. City staff removes hundreds of illegal advertising signs each year at a cost to all Lakeville residents and businesses.

If you have any questions regarding Lakeville Sign Ordinances or advertising signs, please call 952-985-4420.

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